Main Aims & Objectives

Chandigarh Renewal Energy and Science & Technology Promotion Society (CREST) is operating in the following broad functional areas:-

  1. To create a scientific temper and awareness in the community and develop in them a logical thought process and present the marvels of Science & Technology for public appreciation and understanding with state-of-art gadgets and exhibits. This would further help in supplementing formal science education in the UT by the setting up of science related edutainment centers for the children e.g. mini science park, energy park etc.
  2. To promote science related activities by facilitating flow of information to educational institutions, government bodies, industries, entrepreneurs, budding scientists and the general public.
  3. To promote Bio-Technology and other related fields of Bio-Informatics, Nano Technology, etc by establishment of Bio-Tech. Incubation facilities and provide technical support to the Administration for the establishment of Bio-Tech. Park.
  4. To promote the development/implementation of alternative non-conventional energy technologies as per MRES, GOI guidelines.
  5. To promote other Science & Technology activities in U.T., Chandigarh.
  6. To promote other Bio-Technology activities in U.T., Chandigarh.
  7. Promotion and development/implementation of alternative non-conventional. Energy technologies programs/projects.
  8. Implementation of a comprehensive energy conservation programme in the industrial, agricultural and commercial as well as household sectors.
  9. Promotion and development of new and emerging technology areas such as co-generation, Alternative fuels, Battery operated vehicles.
  10. Collection of energy database to provide policy and planning input to the State Government.
  11. Promotion of Non-Conventional Energy Source/ Programme in the U.T., Chandigarh.
  12. Promotion & Development of projects based on Non-Conventional Energy.
  13. To set in place the policies/guidelines for facilitating private sector participation in Non-Conventional energy based projects.

Other Objects of the Society shall be:

i) To acquire, hold and dispose of any property in any manner, consequent upon obtaining approval from the Chandigarh Administration in the case of acquisition or disposal of immovable property.

ii) To deal with any property belonging to or vested in the Society in such a manner as the Society may deem fit for advancing the functions and main objects of the Society.

iii) To borrow and raise money with or without security or hypothecation or pledge of whole or any of the immovable properties belonging to the Society or in any other manner whatsoever.

iv) To construct or otherwise acquire, layout repair, extend, alter, enlarge, improve and use any land for development for Science & Technology, Bio-Technology and for other programmes and other immovable property belonging to or held by the Society.

v) To create and maintain a fund to which shall be credited:

  1. All money accrued by way of any use of grant by providing consultancy service for the promotion of renewal of energy science & technology in U.T., Chandigarh.
  2. All money provided by the Central Government and the Chandigarh Administration or any other State Govt. or Organization.
  3. All fees and other charges received by the Society.
  4. All money received and accepted by the Society by way of grants, gifts, donations, bequests, subscriptions by way of rent or transfers; ANDD
  5. All money received by the Society in any other manner or from any other sources.

vi) To deposit all money credited to the fund created and maintained under sub clause (v) in a Scheduled Bank or to invest it in any manner as the Society may decide and to open bank account current saving, fixed deposits, term deposits or overdraft and operate the same.

vii) To draw, make, accept, endorse and discount cheques, notes or other negotiable instruments and for these purposes to sign, execute and deliver such assurances and deeds as may be necessary for the purposes of Society.

viii) To pay out of the funds belonging to the Society or out of any particular part of such funds the expenses incurred by the Society from time to time including all expenses incidental to the formation of the Society and management and administration of any of the foregoing objects including all rents, rates, taxes outgoing and the salaries of the employees.

ix) To do all such lawful acts, deeds, or things as may be necessary incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Society.