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A website created by CREST, Chandigarh for providing all requisite clearances for installation of Solar Power Plant by any individual / institution as part of ease of Business.

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Solar power is Green Power., Consumer becomes generator for his own electricity requirements., Reduction in electricity Bills.Generation is during the day time when demand is high., Reduces Global Warming. (more...)

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MNRE (G.O.I), New Delhi has selected Chandigarh to be developed as a Model Solar City through Chandigarh Renewal Energy, Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST). Master Plan for Model solar City (more...)

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Solar net-metering Regulation 2015 has been notified by Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Goa & Union Territory (JERC) on 8th May, 2015. Consumers who plan to install grid-connected solar PV systems can apply (more...)


Net metering is the process through which you attain a “dual-benefit “by installing a solar power plant on the roof, open space, walls of the building to generate electricity. Generated power is first used in the building as per the requirement and the surplus power is fed to the grid of utility.

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A bi-directional meter is installed in the supply line to register import and export of power. Net metering arrangements, thus, combine elements of captive power consumption and exchange of power with the utility.

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Under Net Metering Policy, all consumers of electricity having minimum sanctioned load of 1.25KW and maximum of 12.50 MW who intend to generate their own electricity and desire to contribute towards environmental protection can install Solar PV plants on Roof-Tops/ Walls/Open area of Individual Households, Industries, Commercial Establishments, Institutions, Residential Complexes, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Sheds, Cold Stores, Government and Semi-Government Buildings, etc.